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Universal Trace Monitor for Software Developers and Testers

Introduction to DevTracer Monitor

When you start DevTracer Monitor for the first time, the following dialog is displayed:

Dialog to specify IP-Settings

On the left you can specify the Name or IP Address to Listen to and the Port Number. These settings must correspond to those used by DevTracer Component used in the application which shall be traced. Please specify a Name for the combination of IP-Address / Port Number as well.

When you close this dialog with OK, the information you specified on the left side of this dialog will automatically be saved on disk. Next time you start the application, the information you entered is displayed in History on the right. You only have to select it from the list and press OK to accept the settings. The image below shows the dialog with several definitions.

Dialog to specify IP-Settings

If you uncheck Show this dialog when Application is launched, this dialog will not be shown when the DevTracer Monitor is started next time. The values from the last run will be used automatically. To change the settings again, use menu File → IPSettings to access this dialog.

Now DevTracer Monitor is ready to receive trace information. You will see:

DevTracer Monitor started

But what happens if several applications are sending trace information?

Tracing Multiple Applications Simultaneously

There are several possibilities to handle trace information from multiple applications.

  • Applications traced use identical combinations of IP-address/Port No.

    You have to start one instance DevTracer Monitor. In DevTracer Monitor you can specify how the trace information is collected using the options dialog (User Interface). This can be set to

    • SDI : Single Document Interface

      All trace information is collected in one window. This can be useful if you have a desktop or ASP.NET application which consumes a Web Service and both the application and the Web Service send trace information.

    • MDI : Multiple Document Interface

      Within DevTracer Monitor a MDI child window is created for each application.

    • Tabbed MDI: Tabbed Multiple Document Interface

      Similar to MDI, except that the child windows are organized in tabs.

  • Applications traced use different combinations of IP-address/Port No.

    In this case you have to start several instances of DevTracer Monitor, one for each combination of IP-address/Port No.

Options dialog

The User Interface mode is set in the Options Dialog

Options Dialog

A detailed description of settings in the Options Dialog can be found here.