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Universal Trace Monitor for Software Developers and Testers

DevTracer – Trace Monitor for C++

DevTracer is a universal trace monitor for software developers and testers which can be used with many development environments. Because it supports COM, it can be used with C++ as well.

For C++ developers it provides some great benefits:

  • Debugging

    Find bugs you cannot find with a debugger. Did you ever have the problem that a software was running perfectly on a developer's computer, but not after it was deployed at a customer's site? If your application issues trace information, and you have a trace monitor, there is always a chance to solve the problem.

  • MFC TRACE macro

    Monitor MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) TRACE diagnostics output in separate application.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Monitor trace output on a remote computer.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Trace information is displayed in real time.

  • Multiple Application Monitoring

    Monitor multiple applications at the same time. Very powerful for distributed applications.

More information about DevTracer in general can be found on our home page. Technical information about using DevTracer with C++ can be found here.

Download the free trial version on our download page. You can use it for 30 days. The trial version has all features of the full version.