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Universal Trace Monitor for Software Developers and Testers

DevTracer – Trace Monitor for Visual Basic® 6

DevTracer is a trace monitor for software developers with support for all development environments which support COM (Component Object Model) or the Microsoft .NET platform. Because Visual Basic® 6 supports COM, DevTracer can be used easily with VB6.

DevTracer is a powerful replacement for Debug.Print in Visual Basic 6. Debug.Print only writes to the immediate window, and the trace information it provides is only available in the immediate window of the development environment. It is not available any more once the application is compiled.

DevTracer does not have this limitation. The trace information is displayed in a standalone windows application, the trace monitor. Remote tracing is possible as well, because the information is send using TCP/IP. Therefore you can for instance monitor a COM+ application deployed on a server.

Besides the monitor application DevTracer provides a COM-Component to use in the application. Sample code is provided how to use the component with late binding, making it possible to deploy the application without DevTracer monitor or the COM-Component. With late binding it is not rquired to make any changes to the code or to recompile.

DevTracer is very fast. Try it for free. You can download the trial version here.