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Universal Trace Monitor for Software Developers and Testers

Options dialog

Options Dialog

When you close this dialog with OK, all settings defined here will be saved to disk, and reloaded next time you start DevTracer Monitor. Some settings you define here can also be changed using the menu or tool bar. Changes made using the menu or tool bar will not be saved to disk.

  • Default Filename for 'Save as ...'

    Using menu File → Save as ... it is possible to save the trace information to a file. Selecting that menu item will display the standard windows dialog for saving files.

    Here you can specify a default filename for saving files. Then you only have to press OK in the save dialog.

  • Always on Top

    Always display the window of DevTracer Monitor on top of all other windows. This property can also be changed using menu View or the corresponding toolbar button.

  • Word Wrap

    Wrap lines which are too long.

    This may slow down DevTracer if it holds lots of trace information (10.000 lines or more).

  • Toolbar Visible

    Show / Hide the toolbar. Can be changed as well using menu View

  • Statusbar Visible

    Show / Hide the status bar. Can be changed as well using menu View

  • Warn before clearing text

    If checked, a warning will be displayed when menu Edit → Clear or the toolbar item is used to clear the current window.

  • Warn before Exit

    If checked, a warning will be displayed when trying to exit DevTracer Monitor.

  • Max. Size of Text

    This setting can be quite important. All trace information collected by DevTracer Monitor is kept im memory. If lots of trace information is collected, DevTracer Monitor may consume a huge amount of memory. This setting limits the amount of memory used.

    If the text is growing above the size specified here, some text is discarded automatically.

  • Background Color ...

    Window background color.

  • Foreground Color ...

    Text color.

  • Font ...

    The font to use for displaying trace information.

  • User Interface

    Here you can specify how the trace information is displayed if multiple applications are traced at the same time. See Tracing Multiple Applications Simultaneously.