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Universal Trace Monitor for Software Developers and Testers


The search dialog can be opened either using the menu Edit → Find ... or using the shortcut Ctrl F.

DevTracer Monitor Search Dialog

This is a modeless dialog. Searching can be started using the Find button or using F3. The active document will be searched, and the first occurrence will be highlighted.

DevTracer Monitor showing search result

The next occurrence can be searched with F3 again. F3 can also be used if the window of DevTracer Monitor has the focus, even after the search dialog has been closed. The active serach string for F3 is displayed in the status bar.


Whenever DevTracer Monitor is receiving trace information, the window is automatically scrolled to the end to display this information. But when some text is highlighted, either displaying a search result or manually selectiong some text, this scrolling to the end will not be done.