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Universal Trace Monitor for Software Developers and Testers

Our Privacy Policy

Protecting your data is very important to us. We treat all information about you confidentially. This includes, but is not limited to, your email address.

Personal Data

Personal data is any information that can be used to determine your identity. Examples are your e-mail address, your name, the company you are working for or your phone number.

We do not collect any personal data automatically when you visit our web site.

For selling licenses of our product we use external payment providers or resellers (currently only share-it!). We never get any financial data about our customers (credit card number, account number, ..). They are kept by our partner.

Once you order a license, the external partner sends us your name, email address, postal address and the company name.

Our policy: We will never give personal information to anybody.

Anonymous Data

When you visit our web site, we record the IP-Address and which pages you visit. We only use these to improve our service.

Our policy: We will never give anonymous data to anybody.


We do not give any information about you to anybody.